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Mission Statement


The Department of Family Medicine at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center is driven to improve quality of life in the Bronx, one patient at a time.



Innovation - We create new solutions that continuously advance patient care.


Excellence - We work efficiently, using the highest and most up-to-date standards of care.


Individualized Care - We take a culturally competent approach to the whole person and the whole family.


Education - We teach and learn from each other in the spirit of lifelong inquiry.


Integrity - Through self-reflection we learn from our mistakes, and use these lessons to improve future performance while we hold ourselves accountable.


Social Responsibility – We are here to be the force of positive change in our diverse communities.


Nurturing - We will advance and promote a culture of diversity, growth, transparency and holistic care to our patients, staff and trainees.


Collaboration – In working together toward a common vision, we will value the contributions of all team members within the hospital, department and our community of partners.

The Department of Family Medicine is committed to providing outstanding,
comprehensive and continuous care to people of all ages and backgrounds.  The Department is a dynamic program dedicated to the education of medical students, residents and attending physicians at the highest levels. The Department is proud of our commitment to cutting edge health care and truly innovative programs designed to change the lives of people we serve and care for.


Patients Served:    The Department of Family Medicine, under the direction of the Chairman, provides inpatient care and ambulatory care to patients of all ages, who reside in the surrounding South and Central Bronx neighborhoods.  This community has long been documented as coping with the myriad of issues associated with poverty, including inadequate or absent housing, substance abuse, inadequate nutrition, poor access to health care services, high unemployment, teenage pregnancy, and high rates of disease, (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, HIV infection.)  The overwhelming majority of patients are African American and Latino.  Many are undocumented immigrants or have recently arrived from such places as West Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic or other areas.


  • HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Care
  • Prenatal Care
  • Shelter Care
  • Community Health Worker Program
  • Home Based Primary Care
  • Chronic Care Model
  • Adult Care
  • Infant, Pediatrics, and Adolescents Care
  • Minor Procedure
  • Colonoscopy and Gynecology Care
  • Preventive Medicine and Health Care Maintenance
  • Community Collaboration and Outreach Projects and Programs

Availability of Services

Services are available 24 Hours per day, seven days per week.  Inpatients are seen daily by their attending physician and residents, who assure that patients are cared for appropriately.  Ambulatory care is provided by appointment at the sites detailed above, but patients may be seen at any time for emergency services at the Concourse Division.

Success in Meeting Patient Care Needs

Efforts to successfully meet the goal of providing outstanding patient care are ongoing.  Performance improvement indicators allow us to measure clinical and non-clinical issues.  Interdisciplinary collaboration, including the patient and family in decision-making, cultural sensitivity training, medical education and many other programs combine to assure success in meeting patient care needs.

Standards of Practice

At all times, best practices and evidence based medicine are utilized.  Utilizing peer journals, books and our own research, we have developed critical pathways to insure that standards of care are maintained at the highest level possible.