Department History

    The Department of Family Medicine at BronxCare Health System was founded in 1985 by Dr. Neil Calman. Dr. Calman served as Chairman of the department from its founding until his departure in 1998. The Department originally began in the Soundview clinic in the Bronx, but under Dr. Calman’s direction, expanded out towards other clinics. After the Department of Family Medicine was founded, Dr. Calman wanted to further the expansion of Family Medicine clinics in the Bronx. In 1994, Dr. Calman founded the Crotona Park clinic followed by the Mid-Bronx Desparados (MBD) clinic the year after.

    Following the departure of Dr. Calman in 1998, Dr. Bruce Saloway became the new chairman of the Family Medicine department until 2006. During his time as Chairman of the Department, Dr. Saloway dedicated a fair amount of his time to the Department’s residency program. He created an environment that allowed residents to flourish under his guidance and even after his departure. During this time, the residency program continued to provide outstanding graduates, some of whom remained to work for the Department while others pursued careers all over the United States. Dr. Saloway also expanded the Department’s range of care toward patients with HIV and prenatal care.

    After Dr. Saloway left his position as chairman in 2006, the position was filled by Dr. Douglas Reich. In the early stages of his time as chairman, Dr. Reich’s main focus was to stabilize the Department overall by implementing a standard of care from clinic to clinic and doctor to doctor. Over the years as chairman, Dr. Reich has implemented many new services to improve the Department such as creating the community Health Worker (CHW) program, redesigning the clinics with a patient interdisciplinary approach, and expanding the outpatient clinics. Under Dr. Reich’s guidance, the Family Medicine department has grown exponentially and has one of the largest Family Medicine inpatient services and most innovative programs across the country. Dr. Reich continues to serve in his role of chairman of the Department and provides outstanding medical care for the community he serves.

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