Meet our Faculty
BronxCare Department of Family Medicine’s faculty is comprised of diverse and distinguished physicians deeply dedicated to their service as “Doctors to the Community.” Our faculty provides access to dependable sources of primary and specialty care while achieving excellent outcomes and forming lasting relationships with patients and their families. Fulfilling their role of attending physicians, our faculty members serve as teachers, mentors, and counselors to patients, residents, medical students, and staff alike.
Anderson, Kesha-Gaye
Arya, Saurabh
Ayeni, Eniola
Bebe, Welisane
Beach, Paul
Caine, Ravilya
Estevez, Cherly
Feliz-Mendez, Consuelo
Gogineni, Anil
Greenidge, Anthony
Kadiyala, Sri Lakshmi
Kerolle, Harold
Kwankam, Maureen
Mack-Collins, Inyanga
Manubolu, Sindhura
Martin, Cheryl
                              Mbayanga, Musulu

Micheo, Michele
Miller, Laurence
Nagapaga, Madhavi
Odekunle, Raphael 
Okonkwo, Emem
Ouadi, Amar
Reddi, Vijaya
Reyes-Contin, Indira
Sadegni, Arghao Van
Sudhakar, Ayilam
Szygiel, George
Tafreshi, Saeid
Tiburcio, Jose
Valerio, Rubi
Waithe, Kenrick
Yalla, Rajya