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Meet Our Faculty

    The Bronx Lebanon Department of Family Medicine’s faculty is comprised of a diverse group of distinguished physicians who are deeply dedicated to their service as “Doctors to the Community.” Faculty members are committed to providing access to a dependable source of primary and specialty care achieving excellent outcomes and forming lasting relationships with patients and their families. Fulfilling their roll of attending physician, faculty members serve as teachers, mentors, and counselors to patients, residents, medical students and staff alike. Please browse below to learn more about our erudite faculty.

 Doug Reich

Chairman, Department of Family Medicine  

B.A. University of California at Davis
M.D. University of Medicine and Dentistry of Guadalajara
Residency: University of Massachusetts, Stony Brook University of Brooklyn Science
 Jose Tiburcio
Associate Chairman, Department of Family Medicine
Residency Director

M.D. Pomtifica Universidad Catolica
Residency: Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Chief Resident: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
Loveth Abu  Nurse Practitioner: MBD Family Center

 B.S.N. Mount Saint Mary College
M.S.N. Pace University
 Kesha-Gaye Anderson

Attending Physician:
Wellness Center

Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center   
Maya Aponte
Attending Physician: Ogden Family Medical

B.S University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
M.D. University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine
Residency: J.F.K. Medical Center
Eniola Ayeni Attending Physician: Ogden Family Medical

D.O. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency: Palisades Medical Center/HUMC 
Paul Beach
Attending Physician:  Ogden Family Medical

B.A. Dartmouth College
Premed: University of Pennsylvania
M.D. Temple University
M.P.H. John Hopkins
 Community Health Workers' role, International health
Irina Benyaminova
Attending Physician: Fulton Family Practice

B.A. Hunter College
D.O. New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
Chief Resident: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center 
Michel Bornacelly
Attending Physician: MBD Family Center

Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center 
Sandra Camargo 
Attending Physician:
Crotona Park Family Practice 

 Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center 
Saqib Hafeez
 Attending Physician:
Fulton Family Practice

 Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center 
Anil Gogineni
Attending Physician: MBD Family Center

M.D. NTR University of Health Sciences; Andhra Pradesh, India 
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital 
Abdominal Migraine, Application of technology to reduce cost of healthcare, Diabetes 
 Anthony Greenidge
Attending Physician:
Employee Health Services

 B.S. New York University
M.D. SUNY Downstate
Residency: SUNY Downstate
Mental health, HIV, Nutrition, Family Medicine 
Sri Lakshmi Kadiyala
Attending Physician: Wellness Center

B.A. University of Health Sciences
M.D. Sidhartha Medical School
Internship: University General Hospital
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
Retinal imaging 
Maureen Kwankam
Attending Physician: Wellness Center

M.P.H. Boston University School of Public Health
M.D. Universita Degli Studi Di Padova
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
Interactions between the healthcare system and homeless individuals, Cardiovascular risk factors in varying populations
Inyanga Mack-Collins
Attending Physician: Fulton Family Practice

B.S. Howard University
M.D. Howard University
Residency: St. Francis Hospital
Wellness of residents after critical incidents, Overall wellness in work environment for staff, attendings, and residents 
 Sindhura Manubolu
Attending Physician:
Fulton Family Practice
Musulu Mbayanga 
Attending Physician:
Inpatient Services 

B.A. University of Kinshasa
M.D. University of Kinshasa
M.P.H. City University of New York, Lehman College 
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
 Inpatient care, Community and global health
 Lisa Morrow
Family Nurse Practitioner: Wellness Center 

B.A. University of California, Berkeley
B.S Columbia University
M.S. Columbia University 
M.S. The Swedish Institute of Health Sciences
DNP Columbia University
Adjunct and complementary therapies, Autoummune manifestations, Neureoendocrine manifestations, Adolescent Health Care
Madhavi Nagapaga
Attending Physician: Wellness Cente

M.D. Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital

 Enem Okonkwo
Attending Physician: Ogden Family Medical

B.A. University of Calibar
M.D. University of Calibar
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital 
 Effects of patients self empowerment on control of chronic medical conditions
 Amar Ouadi 
Attending Physician:
Inpatient Services 
B.A. University of Algiers
M.D. I.N.E.S.S.M. 
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital 
 Russell Perry

Attending Physician: Wellness Center

B.S.N. Trenton State
M.D. St. George's School of Medicine
Residency: Mountainside
Chief Resident: Mountainside  
HIV, Hepatitis C  
 Vijaya Reddi
 Attending Physician: Ogden Family Medical

M.D. Madras Medical College
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital 
Boarded: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Promoting breastfeeding in Bronx population 
 Edgard Salazar Attending Physician:
MBD Family Center
B.A. Manhattanville College
M.D. Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital 
 Ayilam Sudhakar

Attending Physician:
Inpatient Services 
M.D. Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Educations; Pondicherry, India
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital 
Boarded: General Surgery Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons
Topics integrating primary care, surgery and urology in clinical medicine
George Szygiel
 Attending Physician: Crotona Park Family Practice

M.D. Jagiellonian University
Residency: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
 Geriatrics, Psychiatric issues developed out of problems coping with traumatic events
 Saeid Tafreshi
 Attending Physician: Fulton Family Practice

 B.A. Tehran University of Medical Sciences
M.D. Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital
Boarded: Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Hearing loss in elderly, how to improve treatment compliance in diabetic patients 
Rubi Valerio
 Attending Physician: Crotona Park Family Practice

B.A. State Institute of Medicine
M.D. University of Automa de Santa Domingo
Residency: Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
General Anatomic Pathology 
 Rajyalaksmi Yalla
 Attending Physician: Ogden Family Medical

B.A. University of West Indies
M.D. Andrah University
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital 

Behavioral Health Science Team

 Amir Levine Behavioral Health Scientist:
Director of Behavioral Science
B.A. Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.S.W. Yeshiva University
Ph.D. Yeshiva University 
Transgender issues in healthcare, wellness of residents 
Sharon Bilsky
Behavioral Health Scientist:
Fulton Family Practice 
B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz
L.M.S.W. Yeshiva University
Staff & faculty wellness, domestic violence 
 Maureen HealyBehavioral Health Scientist:
Fulton Family Practice 
B.A. George Washington University
L.M.S.W. University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley
Resiliency and post-traumatic growth models  
Marisa Lelia Behavioral Health Scientist:
Wellness Center
B.A. Fordham University
L.M.S.W. Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College
M.A. John Jay College of Criminal Justice 
Impact of burnout on residents, strategies to  improve residents' well-being
 Talia Trachtman  Behavioral Health Scientist:
Ogden Family Medical
  B.A. Yeshiva University
M.S.W. New York University, Silver School of Social Work
  Community impact on mental health services, effect of a support system in elderly care and its correlation to mental health issues