Clinical Services

    The Department of Family Medicine at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center prides itself on its effort to improve the quality of life of each and every patient we serve. Embodying the family medicine creed, our department works to improve, the physical, mental, and emotional lives of all of our patients. In order to accomplish this, the department offers a variety of programs, services, specialties and support groups. To start, the department operates five outpatient clinics throughout the South Bronx, which accumulatively serve nearly 75,000 patients each year. Although the majority of these patients are seen at our various outpatient clinics, the Department of Family Medicine has recently expanded to operate an inpatient ward located at the main Bronx Lebanon Hospital on the Grand Concourse.

    Our inpatient and outpatient providers, however, do not have perfunctory visits. We take the time to get to know each patient, building up a tightly knit network of patients. At the conclusion of each visit the provider and patient work together to create a plan of care. The plan of care is designed to encourage the patient to implement changes, big and small, to their lifestyle with the goal of positively affecting their quality of life. The plan of care is just one of many examples of how the Department of Family Medicine is constantly working to provide the highest quality of care. Other examples of some of the programs and services our clinics offer are prenatal care, behavioral health program, acupuncture services, nutritionist consultations, diabetes support programs, pain management clinic, and more, all working to improve the lives of our patients.

    Below please find links to various pages that supply more detailed information about the clinical services we offer here at Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine. The information is separated between our inpatient services, our outpatient services, our behavioral health team and an additional link that provides the location of our outpatient clinics.