Clinical Services   

 As BronxCare’s Department of Family Medicine, we take pride in our efforts to improve the quality of life of every patient we serve. Our department operates six clinics throughout the South Bronx, maximizing convenience for patients. Some of our services include; prenatal care, behavioral health, acupuncture, diabetes support, pain management, etc. Our clinics serve nearly 75,000 patients a year. All of our clinics provide comprehensive primary care to our patients. The Department of Family Medicine is dedicated to tending to our patients’ physical, mental, and emotional needs at any of our various outpatient clinics. In addition to our outpatient clinics, we also care for patients on our inpatient service to provide more intensive care.

    Every patient visit is a meaningful one; we take the time to get to know our patients and form a lasting relationship with them and their families and caregivers. The goal of each visit is for the provider and patient to collaborate on creating a comprehensive care plan. This care plan will cater to the patient’s needs whilst encouraging them to implement changes to their lifestyle to improve their quality of life. This allows the patient to be involved and have a voice over their care plan and medical decisions.