Family Medicine Adult Care

    The Family Medicine Inpatient Services has 38 beds, including two isolation rooms. The floor is covered by two teams, arbitrarily designated A and B. Team A runs the floor Tuesday to Thursday, while team B runs the floor Friday to Monday. Each team consists of an Attending physician, a senior resident, and at times up to four junior residents. Each team also has medical students and pharmacy students who rotate on the floor with their respective teams. 

    The Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine Inpatient Services treats and manages patients with a variety of medical problems as well as patients from other specialties such as Podiatry, Orthopedics, Urology, ENT and GYN. One of the factors that makes our approach to patient care unique is that we focus heavily on the psychosocial aspects of patient care. In order to best fulfill this aspect of care our residents actually interview and complete their notes in the room with the patients. Residents also remain in the area adjacent to their patients to avoid patients having to look for them. Our department also has a patient advocate, who spends time with each patient getting to know them better and helping address any problems the patient may have. Additionally, we provide dog therapy weekly, and boast a family room where the patients and their relatives can sit, converse, and relax together.