Outpatient Services

The Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine department consists of 5 separate clinics, varying in patient and staff size. Each clinic promotes various types of programs for its specific patients. For example, the Ogden Family Medical clinic boasts a clinic specifically for Transgender patients, while the Family Wellness Center has its unique pain management clinic. The various clinics create and cater programs to their specific patient population allowing for more attentive and fruitful experiences for each patient.

Fulton Family Medicine and Ogden Family Medical, in addition to staffing attending physicians, also boast a large residency staff. The presence of the residents allows these clinics to serve a larger amount of patients, while also providing an opportunity for our learned faculty to pass on their knowledge and passion for serving the community. For more information on one of our individual clinics please feel free to click on one of the below links.

Crotona Park Family Medicine Clinic Family Wellness Center Fulton Family Medicine Mid Bronx Desperadoes Family Medicine Clinic Ogden Family Medical Clinic

In addition to providing quality care for our patients, the department of Family Medicine also runs the Employee Health Services (EHS) for all staff of the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center.  For more information on Employee Health Services please click here.