Outpatient Services

BronxCare’s Department of Family Medicine consists of six separate clinics. All of our clinics provide comprehensive care while some offer specialized programs for patients. These specialized programs cater to their specific patient population’s needs allowing more engaging and attentive patient interaction.



  • Acute Care can be located on our Inpatient Floor located at the BronxCare Health System main hospital. BronxCare's Family Medicine Inpatient Services treats and manages patients with a variety of medical problems and specialties such as Podiatry, Orthopedics, Urology, ENT and GYN Our department also provides patients with an advocate, who will get to know the patient and assist with any problems the patient may have.
  • Adult Care
  • Behavioral Health Team: Our clinical social workers care for patients in clinics who may be struggling to cope with chronic illness, suffered a recent loss or crises, or who have been exposed to traumatic events such as intimate partner violence. We provide crisis intervention, individual, family, and group psychotherapy, psycho-education, and referrals for Family Medicine patients.We work closely with the interdisciplinary team to provide care through evidence-based treatments such as Collaborative Care for depression and anxiety, and Medication-Assisted Treatment for opioid use disorder. 
  • Community Collaboration and Outreach This initiative began with a vision of improving the health and empowering residents within the Claremont Village New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments. While the Department continues to support programs that accomplish the original vision of CHVI, it has focused in on the critical goal of registering Bronx residents to vote and educating on the importance of voting to empower Bronx New Yorkers
  • Community Health Worker Program: BronxCare's Department of Family Medicine's Community Health Workers (CHWs) are tasked with providing outreach, education, referral, follow-up, case management, advocacy, and home visiting services to persons with various chronic illnesses, mental health conditions and clinical conditions.They are trained to to provide elementary health education to the local communityas well as refer persons to the proper locations for a wide range of services. All CHWs also support those entered in the program as they navigate the health and social services system.
  • HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C & B Care: Our department offers HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B & C care and navigation. Patients are assigned a health worker who will assist them in their care plan as well as other needs. We provide our patients with access to psycho-social and supportive care and resources. 
  • Minor Procedures: All of our clinics provide a number of procedures that are minimally invasive. Some of these procedures include: Colonoscopy and Gynecology Care
  • Pediatric  & Infant Care
  • Prenatal Care: Provision of direct access to OB/GYN physicians and necessary appointments.We work directly with BronxCare WIC office and refer patients early on in their pregnancy to ensure nutritional needs are met for mother and baby. 
  • Preventive Medicine and Health Care Maintenance
  • Young Adult and Adolescent Services: We offer support and services to youth between 18 - 24 years of age. Some of these services include STI and HIV testing as well as psycho-social and supportive services.