Crotona Park Family Medicine Clinic

    Crotona Park clinic is located in a densely populated underserved area consisting of a diversity of 65% Hispanic and 30% African-American. The clinic is connected to a residential building, offering its patients convenience as well as quality care. We offer many specialties to address the needs of the population. Crotona Park has a Social Worker, Psychiatrist, and Nutritionist on staff. In addition we have recently introduced a Sickle Cell Program run by one of the clinics specially trained providers. Although the Sickle Cell Program is still in its youth, it has already proven to be a successful endeavor at the Crotona Park clinic.

    The clinic boasts 3 regular providers that see up to 200 patients per week. Because of the clinic size each staff member gets the opportunity to develop genuine relationships with their patients. These relationships are the foundation of Crotona Park’s constant success as patients have continually returned to the clinic due in large part to its sense of family and trustworthiness.