Family Wellness Center

    The Family Wellness Center, located on the ground floor of the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center at 1276 Fulton Avenue, is devoted to improving each patient’s quality of life, one patient at a time. Each of our primary care providers has their own loyal patient base that the provider happily cares for. The Family Wellness Center Nursing Staff helps provide nutrition information and dietary recommendations for those patients who would most benefit from them, specifically our diabetic patients. Our registrars diligently match patients with open appointments to best fulfill the patients’ needs. Additionally, the registrars help patients with referrals, and any specialty appointments they may need to schedule.

    Our staff also includes members who prepare and present posters and oral presentations to patients who are in the waiting room, helping to educate them on basic dietary knowledge and facts. Their presentations include tips on how to read nutrition labels, suggestions on how to shop for and cook healthier meals, and other quality of life topics. The Family Wellness Center also feature a pain clinic, which works to improve the quality of life for each and every one of our patients who deal with chronic pain. At the Family Wellness Center the focus is truly on the patient, with each staff member proudly serving one individual patient at a time.