Fulton Family Medicine

    Fulton Family Medicine, one of our department’s largest clinics, provides care to anywhere between 250-350 patients a week. The clinic boasts a large hard working staff, consisting of both residents and attendings. Thanks to the size and diversity of the staff, we are happy to offer a variety of services to our patients. Some of our more popular services include our Hepatitis-C group, Prenatal Care, Pediatrics, Gyn Services, Geriatrics, Routine Family Care, and Nutrition Specialists. 

    The providers here at the Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine pride ourselves on delivering these services with our family oriented and patient centered approach. In addition to the attendings and residents, our nursing staff works to keep patients up to date with their vaccinations, as well as assists providers to help ensure the patient’s comfort and receipt of premium care. In order to provide the best possible care, the nursing staff will educate patients regarding nutrition, exercise, their regiments, and any other subjects the nurses are able to, in order to better the patient’s experience. The large staff of receptionists and registrars dutifully sign all patients in as they arrive, ensuring quick and detailed attention. Each and every member of the Fulton Family Medicine support staff believes in our patient centered creed working everyday to fulfill it.