Ogden Family Medical Clinic

    The Ogden Family Medicine Clinic is located on 1067 Ogden Ave just a few blocks from the world famous Yankee Stadium. It is one of the larger facilities within the Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine Department highlighted by its eleven spacious exam rooms. On a typical day the clinic will see around 78 patients, boasting a very diverse patient population. In addition to offering Primary Care, Ogden hosts other programs such as our prenatal group, which meets once every two weeks to administer care to pregnant women while also helping them prepare for the birth of their children.

    The surrounding community is a near extension of the Ogden Clinic. Patients continually return to our hard working, caring staff who works to ensure everyone entering our doors feel as if we are one big family. Ogden is considered a reliable institution with countless families entrusting us to care for the well-being of their loved ones. The Ogden Clinic also offers a unique opportunity for transgenders located in the Bronx. Once a week a specialist from our staff teams up with the Community Kinship Life Program to treat and care for transgenders. This is another prime example of how Ogden reaches out and offers a helping hand to all members of the community.