Employee Health Services

Employee Health Services (EHS) at Bronx Lebanon is managed by, and clinical services provided by, the Department of Family Medicine.  The department prides itself on providing outstanding services to our employees.

Employee Health Services is a NY State Department of Health mandated entity that attends to the occupational needs of the employee’s of Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center.  EHS is managed via a team approach. The utilization of a team helps to ensure a friendly and caring environment for our employees.

There are approximately 4,500 employees in our healthcare system with over 10,000 visits per year.  EHS exists to help employees through what can be stressful situations, as well as support their personal health needs.  EHS is another example of our department's strong community aspect towards employees of Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center.  

The scope of services offered by EHS includes:

-Pre-employment evaluations

-Annual health assessments

-Return to work health clearances

-Flu vaccination drive

-Occupational exposure investigations and evaluations