Prenatal Care

The Department of Family Medicine offers a prenatal program that includes a full range of services coordinated by a community health worker (CHW).  These services provide direct access to OB/GYN physicians and necessary appointments.  We offer prenatal groups toward expectant mothers taught by a CHW. These groups provide health education and support for all expecting mothers regardless of any stage of their pregnancy.  Our program also offers sessions with a social worker to promote mental wellness during pregnancy.  We work directly with Bronx care WIC office and refer patients early on in their pregnancy to ensure nutritional needs are met for mother and baby.  We also provide lactation support and timely ordering of breast pumps prior to delivery.  We provide baby supplies and referrals to community agencies for additional supplies as needed.   Tours of labor and delivery are coordinated to ensure patients are comfortable and familiar with our facility.  Referrals for employment and educational opportunities are offered as well as community resources as needed.    

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