What Makes Our Residency Program Unique

    The Bronx Lebanon Department of Family Medicine provides an enhanced, integrated curriculum that is comprehensive, challenging, and provides superior preparation for 21st century practice. We attract committed learners with a passion for family medicine. Our erudite faculty works to meet our residents’ diverse educational needs and prepares all residents to practice in unique and fluid settings. Our curriculum prepares residents to practice the Patient Centered Medical Home Model (PCMH), which emphasizes holistic patient oriented service. We offer high quality residency education that prepares residents for their future practice needs as family physicians.

    In 2008 we were awarded a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant to integrate the Chronic Care Model, Community Health Worker Program and the Patient Centered Medical Home into our residency training program. The residents have immersed themselves in all aspects of these models, including creating disease specific registries and managing home visits accompanied by Community Health Workers. Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine has a strong history of practicing these models emphasizing the importance of community involvement. We do our best to bestow these values into our residency training program. In connection with the elements of the PCMH the residents will learn and understand how to apply principles of patient safety to the care of individual patients, utilize the electronic medical records for coordinated care of patients and manage the health of patient populations by identifying possible disparities throughout.



"I have come a long way to get here where I am, and I'm happy I did so. I have been with the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center Family Medicine Department since I was a Medical Student. It's where I learned the beauty of Family Medicine. 
The reason I'm happy for having stayed is the fact that I have received a solid, strong academic education while also being exposed to a challenging population, which has only strengthened my educational core.
And as they say in NYC, if you can make it in this program you can make anywhere else." ~ A 2014 Graduate