Residency Support Program

    The Bronx Lebanon Department of Family Medicine is committed to supporting our residents' personal and professional development and well-being. We recognize that the residency period is a demanding time for physicians, in addition to the preexisting high rates of burnout general healthcare professionals experience. We believe an effective way to counteract these pressures is to provide opportunities for residents to promote their own wellness early in their careers. This initiative is an integral part of the training here at Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine. 
    The support training aims to prevent future burnout, promote resiliency, increase job satisfaction, and boost career longevity. In addition to a monthly support group, residents are assigned both an academic and behavioral health adviser for individual support and mentorship. We also offer a variety of workshops to the residents, some examples of which would be self-care and how to pursue professional development opportunities. Additionally, we are currently developing research initiatives to improve our understanding of resident well-being with the aim of informing future wellness programs.