Prospective Medical Students

    The Family Medicine Rotation at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center provides a premier learning opportunity for each student. The rotation, a six week period, is divided into two three week sessions. One session is spent at the 16th floor inpatient service at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center Grand Concourse Division, the second session is spent at one of our outpatient service clinics. As to be expected, the learning that occurs and the work performed by the student is different for the inpatient and outpatient services.

    For the inpatient portion of the rotation students will be assigned 4 days out of the week to report to the 16th floor. During this part of the rotation students are expected to sign in at 7am and will sign out at 7pm, rounds begin at 9am. During the day students will be expected to review charts, interview patients, conduct supervised examinations and discuss cases with residents or attendings. Throughout the three week session the inpatient residents and attendings conduct educational activities for the medical students. A few examples of these teaching activities are x-ray presentations, case discussions, lab result analysis, and more. At the end of the three week session each student will receive an evaluation from a faculty member.

    Each resident will be assigned to one of our participating clinics for the outpatient portion of the rotation. The outpatient portion of the rotation will involve work under the supervision of an attending or senior resident. Students will see patients with their attending or senior residents, write progress notes, obtain labs from the computer, and participate in some other activities. In addition, students will receive an opportunity to learn about, and participate in, any ongoing research the department is conducting. Each student will also be assigned one Saturday or Sunday to be on call for 12 hours for the inpatient service. 

    If you have any other questions, or are interested in scheduling a rotation, please contact Ms. Lorenza Garcia at