Research in Progress

The Department of Family Medicine prides itself on its persistent commitment to influential research.  From the department's prominent involvement in the Family Physicians Inquires Network, (FPIN) to our own departmental and individual research initiatives, we are constantly working to innovate, develop, and contribute to the healthcare field.
Please find below a list of our current research projects:

"Issues Surrounding Identity Formation and Psychological Issues Related to Transition in the Transgender/Transsexual Population"
"Understanding Primary Care in an Underservered Community; Transgender Demographics and Description"
"Patient Perspective: Attributes of an Ideal Physician in the Bronx"
"Case Reports on 4 Homeless Individuals"
"Barriers to Receiving Primary Care by Transgender Patients in an Urban Clinic"
"Relationship Between Health Literacy and Glycemic Control"
"Integrating Intensive Outpatient Care for Chronic Disease Patients (High Utilizers of Medical Services) into the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Family Medicine Program as a Clinical Intervention to Reduce Hospitalizations, Emergency Room Visits and Healthcare Expenditure"
"Physician Involvement in Gun Safety Education"