Performance Improvement

In order to better accomplish our mission of delivering the highest quality care to our patients, the Department of Family Medicine monitors all provided services through our Performance Improvement process.  The Department of Family Medicine has designed and implemented a Performance Improvement Program that identifies and addresses opportunities to increase efficacy through closely monitoring those indicators that reflect departmental performance.

Our program’s objectives are:

A. To design effective processes that meet the needs of our patients which are consistent with the health center’s mission, vision, goals and plans.

B. To collect data to monitor the stability of existing processes, identify opportunities for improvement, identify changes that will lead to enhancement, and sustain continual development.

C. To continually compile and analyze data with the aim of identifying changes that will lead to improved performance and a reduction in errors.

D. To achieve enriched performance and sustain the improvement throughout the organization.

E. To promote collaboration at all levels of the organization cultivating a culture focused on performance.

F. To educate both leaders and general staff regarding responsibilities of and effective participation in performance improvement activities.

Overall responsibility for the Department of Family Medicine Performance Improvement
Program falls to the Chairman of the Performance Improvement Committee. The Performance
Improvement Committee responsibilities include:

a. Identifying crucial aspects of care

b. Establishing clinical indicators

c. Collecting data

d. Evaluating care

e. Taking constructive actions and monitoring the effectiveness of these actions.


Committee Members-

Dr. Doug Reich- Chairman, Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Anil Gogineni – Director- Performance Improvement

Dr. Jose Tiburcio - Associate Chairman, Residency Program Director

Ms. Angeline Thomas – Administrator

Dr. Jose Lopez - Attending Physician

Ms. Tanya Green- Data management coordinator


The Performance Improvement Committee meets monthly in order to best accomplish their task. A few of the regular agenda items for these meetings include patient safety, risk management events, patient satisfaction, and performance reviews.