Posters and Presentations

    The Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine department prides itself on being informed by, and participating in, the ongoing conversation around research, technology, and management in the healthcare field.  A large amount of the exchange of new and innovative ideas occurs at various presentations and conferences throughout the country and world.  Our department devotes itself to participating in as many as possible.  Through these presentations and conferences our department continues to develop and improve ourselves as we serve one patient at a time. 

A common vehicle of communication throughout these conferences and presentations is the proverbial “poster.”  Poster presentations are beneficial as they allow the author to meet and speak informally with interested viewers, facilitating a greater exchange of ideas and networking opportunities opposed to lecture formatted presentations. Please find below a list of the most recent conferences members of our research department have presented posters at:

  1. Setting Up a Transgender Clinic.
  2. An Emerging Leader’s Journey, Designing Team Meeting and Faculty Development Incentives.
  3. The 2-on-2 Precepting Model: A Method For Enhancing and Integrating Biophysical Perceptive.
  4. How to Integrate the CHW Model Into Family Medicine Training Program.
  5. Improving Access to Care: The Role of Community Health Workers in Home Based Primary Care.
  6. Effectiveness of Educating Diabetes and Family Members Together.
  7. Improving CAHPS-Score, Decreasing LOS, Utilizing a Patient Navigator –Presented in 2012.
  8. Improve Patient Health Literacy Using Visual Communication –Presented at “AAFP” Philadelphia in 2011.
  9. Using Educational Tools to Improve Foot Exams in Patients with Diabetes and To Increase Awareness of Neuropathy and Self-Assessment – Presented at “AAFP” Philadelphia in 2011.