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Bronx Trans* Health Space


The Bronx Transgender Health Space (BTHS) was developed through a unique partnership between the Department of Family Medicine at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center and Community Kinship Life (CK Life).  Clients are referred to the BTHS through CK life, a community-based organization in the Bronx that provides transgender individuals with surgical and health education, counseling, support groups, links to medical resources, legal services, housing advocacy and other services. Aimed at addressing the complex needs of the Bronx transgender community, the BTHS utilizes culturally competent Patient Navigators to assist clients with care coordination.  Patient Navigators help schedule and will escort clients to primary care and surgical services appointments.  The Patient Navigators also assist with linkages to housing advocacy, legal services, as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment as needed. Since its inception in March 2009, the BTHS has served over 400 trans individuals. This innovative program utilizes multi-variable, culturally competent strategies to address client’s needs, helping to motivate and empower clients to stay healthy and engaged in their care.


Currently, Fulton Family Health Center has a weekly all day trans focused clinic.  Although many of the BTHS patients attend at this time, a large amount of the BTHS trans patients receive primary care and mental health services during standard clinical operation, outside of this trans structured session.  Additionally, there is a ½ day trans focused clinic session every other Saturday at the Fulton Family Health Center.

CK Life staff, with BLFM support, lead a support group that meets each Friday evening that discusses alternating topics, which include nutrition, mental health, self-care, body image and more. This support group has grown to be a cornerstone of the program, averaging approximately 10-15 attendees each week. 

Once every two Saturdays education and support is provided for SOFFAs (Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies) of BTHS patients.  CK Life holds linkage agreements with the AIDS Health Foundation, which delivers prescriptions to a preferred clinic and/or patient’s homes, regardless of HIV status. 

The BTHS also boasts a strong legal support system.  CK Life led legal projects assist with name change and other legal issues patients may encounter as they go through their transition.

For more information please contact:
(917) 979-3CKL (3255)

CK Life Partners:

Mister Cris
Co-Founder, Executive Director
Community Kinship Life

Kim Watson
Co-Founder, Coordinator and Patient Specialist
Community Kinship Life

TMI Forum: Safe Place for Conversation and Education

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October BTHS Event Calendar

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January Calendar

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As we ring in the new year, please find below the January 2016 BTHS Calendar of Events:

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