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Community Health Worker Program

    The Bronx Lebanon Department of Family Medicine has put into place a cutting edge Community Health Worker program.  The Bronx Lebanon Department of Family Medicine Community Health Workers (CHWs) are tasked with providing outreach, education, referral, follow-up, case management, advocacy, and home visiting services to persons with various chronic illnesses, mental health conditions and clinical conditions.  

    An important step in accomplishing this mission is helping to create a bridge between healthcare providers,  social and community service officers, and the under-served and hard-to-reach populations within the community. The CHWs are trained to provide elementary health education to the local community, as well as refer persons to the proper locations for a wide range of services. All CHWs also support those entered in the program as they navigate the health and social services system. Our CHWs work within and around communities throughout the South Bronx.