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BLFM CHWs in the National Spotlight

posted Nov 25, 2016, 1:21 PM by Blh Webber   [ updated Nov 25, 2016, 1:21 PM by Site Managers ]

On Thursday, November 17th Chairman Dr. Doug Reich and members of the Department of Family Medicine joined representatives from 1199 Training and Education Fund, 1199SEIU, LaGuardia Community College, and NYC Department of Small Businesses to meet with the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Labor to announce a joint Community Health Worker Apprenticeship program.  This is a unique program that combines in the classroom learning with on the job training within the burgeoning field of community health.  Upon the pilot class's completion the program will be spread across the country, creating jobs for healthcare workers as they work to educate and improve health outcomes of patients across America.  

Congratulations to the team on their excellent work and achievement!


Pediatric Wellbeing Day

posted Aug 4, 2016, 6:08 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Aug 9, 2016, 5:43 AM by Site Managers ]

An annual physical examination is an essential part of staying in good health, especially for young children. With this in mind, our department recently held a Pediatrics Outreach Day as an effort to get kids in for their annual check-up. Here is Dr. Perry with his little interns for the day helping out around the office! Thank you to all who made the day such a success!

Jumpstarting Health and Wellness in Crotona Park

posted Apr 18, 2016, 10:50 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 11:18 AM by Site Managers ]

On Saturday, April 16th Jumpstart hosted a "Spring into Reading" event at the Phipps Neighborhood Rec Center inside Crotona Park. Local organizations banded together promoting school readiness while creating an afternoon full of arts & crafts, games, raffles, giveaways and literacy resources. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine and children’s smiles. Practice Manager, Michael Sledzinski, and two volunteer medical students were representing the Department of Family Medicine at the event. The group was prepared with incentives and brochures, as well as offered free blood pressure tests to all participants. Mike and his team spoke with community members about the Department's five outpatient clinics advocating the high quality of care demonstrated by Family Medicine Physicians. The Department’s appearance in this community event was truly appreciated by all those in attendance.  

Ogden Family Medicine's Inaugural Health Fair

posted Apr 14, 2016, 5:45 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Apr 14, 2016, 5:46 AM by Site Managers ]

Ogden Clinic recently hosted their first ever Health Fair. At the event, doctors were on hand to provide some vital tips on living a healthier lifestyle, and to demonstrate how we can make a change in our everyday lives to improve our well-being. Check out some of the pictures below and stay tuned for more events from  the Department of Family Medicine at Bronx-Lebanon.


Resident Alumna's TV Debut

posted Jan 26, 2016, 7:17 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Jan 26, 2016, 7:18 AM by Site Managers ]

Bronx-Lebanon Family Medicine Residency Program alumna Fallon Mattis, MD '15 was recently featured on a local television segment in Virginia.  Dr. Mattis is currently working at the Sentara Halifax Family Medicine in South Boston, Virginia.  Congratulations to Dr. Mattis on the great work she is doing at her new professional home!

Winter Weekend Presentation

posted Jan 25, 2016, 1:28 PM by Blh Webber   [ updated Jan 28, 2016, 5:39 AM by Site Managers ]

This past weekend Bronx-Lebanon Family Medicine Faculty joined Family Medicine physicians and staff from across the state at the Annual Winter Weekend.  Residents, Faculty, and Behavioral Scientists all were active participants in the conference, including giving and participating in presentations, panel discussions, and poster presentations on topics such as physician burnout, transgender care, HIV & Hep-C treatment, and more.  Congratulations to all who were able to share their work with the Family Medicine Community!

Highlighting Success

posted Jan 14, 2016, 7:55 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Jan 14, 2016, 7:55 AM by Site Managers ]

In early 2015 a man carrying a single suitcase walked into the Wellness Clinic at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital as a final resort. He was hoping to check into the Bronx-Lebanon Life Recovery Program. But after traveling first to the wrong location and having to spend the last of his change on a second bus ride, he was given bad news: the clinic was closed. Wellness had shut down at midday as it always does once a month for team meetings and the place was nearly vacant. He pleaded his case, but to no avail. 

The man was told his best option was to return early the next day to guarantee himself a bed in the morning. He had no money and no place to stay, waiting for morning was not an option. Feeling hopeless, he spotted a gentleman in the clinic who appeared to be some type of manager or supervisor. The man introduced himself to this person asking once again if there was any doctor who he could see. The manager, Mike, politely responded there were no providers in clinic and he should return tomorrow morning. With no plan B, the man could not accept this as a final answer and asked to speak with Mike privately. 

Once alone, the man shared with Mike his entire story beginning several years back when his problems first occurred and concluding with how he got into his current state. Upon hearing this man’s story, Mike knew he needed assistance that could not wait until the following day. Mike made his way to the back exam room area, informing the patient to wait in his office. When Mike returned with the news that he would be seen immediately, the man was ecstatic and forever grateful. He thanked Mike, registered, saw the doctor, was given medical clearance, and checked into Life Recovery across the street.
Not until 6 months later was it realized  how much Mike and the clinic staff had helped this man. As it turned out, the man checked into Life Recovery and also admitted himself into the Substance and Abuse Program. The man devoted himself to the program, not only graduating on time but excelling throughout the process. As graduation approached the man was offered the honor of being the Graduate Speaker. 

A few days before graduation he returned to the Wellness Clinic and asked Mike if he was able to attend the event at the end of the week. Mike said he would make every effort to do so, and come Friday morning he was sitting in the audience listening to his patient's story as the man gave the Graduate Speaker Address.  Of course Mike had heard this story before, but this version included a new chapter.  A chapter where the man, with help from the dedicated staff of the Wellness Clinc, had been accepted into a life changing program.  Since finishing the program, the man visits the Wellness Clinic for his monthly appointments, and each visit he seeks out Mike for a hello and an additional thank you for saving his life.

Holiday Festivities

posted Dec 30, 2015, 11:21 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Dec 31, 2015, 5:39 AM by Site Managers ]

    The Family Medicine Department has joyously participated in a variety of engaging and charitable events throughout the holiday season.  From Toy Drives, to senior parties, to staff appreciation and more Family Medicine has closed out 2015 with a bang.  Thank you to all for your hard work this past year, and thank you for all you will do in 2016 to as Family Medicine works each and every day to improve the quality of life in the Bronx, one patient at a time!


Annual Toy Drive


Staff Participating in the Holiday Week of Color Fun

Seniors at the Hodson Senior Center Working on Holiday Decorations 
 as Part of a Claremont Healthy Village Initiative Grant Funded Program

Happy Holidays!

posted Dec 30, 2015, 11:02 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Dec 30, 2015, 11:02 AM by Site Managers ]

    On December 17th the Family Medicine Department hosted its first annual pot-luck Holiday Extravaganza!  Each member of the Department were asked to bring an appetizer, main course, side dish, dessert, or drink from their native country or culture.  As always, the support the staff provided was overwhelming with a plethora of food drink and merriment.  A Happy Holidays to all, and to all a Thank You for making the Holidays so Happy!


Day of Dignity

posted Nov 25, 2015, 7:24 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Nov 25, 2015, 7:24 AM by Site Managers ]

    On Saturday, November 21st staff from the Family Medicine Department joined the "Muslim Women's Institute For Research And Development" (MWIFRAD) in their 5th Annual Day of Dignity.  The event was held at the Mullaly Community Center, located in the Highbridge section of the Bronx. Family Medicine while at the event was promoting the importance of primary care visits, providing educational materials, performing blood pressure screenings, and sharing information about the Family Medicine Health Leads Resource Desk.  Thank you to the MWIFRAD for the invitation to the great event, and thank you to the staff who helped make it such a success!

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