Residency Staff Participates in STFM Fellowship

posted Dec 30, 2014, 7:45 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Dec 30, 2014, 7:46 AM by Site Managers ]
  Please find a write up from Residency Administrator Janice Void regarding her current STFM Fellowship experience:

    The Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a year-long program that offers training, tools and support to those in leadership roles. I was awarded the Fellowship from May 2014- April 2015. We began the year with several workshops at the Annual STFM meeting. During this time we were introduced to a variety of leadership skills by lectures from motivational speakers. We worked on techniques in handling difficult situations, dealing with difficult people and shared tips on how to motivate each other throughout the exercises. Other benefits of partaking in the Emerging Leaders Fellowship include the opportunity to network, gain exposure to different facets of Family Medicine and priceless presentation experience.

    One learning experience involved a group project where our team of four had to give a presentation on giving and receiving feedback. Through conference calls and emails we worked collaboratively to achieve the goal. The presentation was then given during the AAFP Conference in Kansas City in August 2014.
    Each Emerging Leader Fellow is also required to submit a poster to be presented at the May 2015 STFM Annual Meeting. My topic is on Professional Development/ Administrative Leadership. 

    During the course of the year we have monthly conference calls with guest speakers on an array of topics, such as Leading Change, Time Management, Writing for Publication and Career Development. 

    When I applied to the fellowship I was asked what I hoped to achieve from the program. After reviewing the answer I submitted over a year ago I can honestly say I have achieved more than what I anticipated. Here’s how I answered:
    With this leadership program I hope to achieve the skills and confidence to effectively communicate ideas for improvement and also maintain current practices. I want to be able to be creative in approaching new endeavors and thinking of strategies to implement them. I want to attain leadership abilities that help me to be more effective in setting standards that encompass the vision of the department.