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Employee Well-Being Committee

Employee Well-Being Committee

The Family Medicine (FM) Employee Well-Being Committee aims to improve the overall well-being of FM employees.  The committee educates and provides opportunities for employees to seek healthy lifestyle choices that promote physical, emotional, career/professional, social, and financial well-being. The Committee’s goal is to create initiatives that inspire a healthy lifestyle and encourage a healthy environment where we each work and live.

We are committed to providing various programs that reinforce and encourage healthy habits, and support a sense of community in the clinics. The FM Well-being Committee meets monthly to assure the best possible holistic care for our employees.

Purpose of the Committee:

  • Improve Employee Physical Well-being:  Create opportunities for staff to care for and improve their physical health, safety and well-being on and off the job. 
  • Improve Employee Social Well-being:  Improve teamwork and professional relationships, and create a community among Family Medicine employees.
  • Improve Employee Emotional Well-being:  Increase emotional support, safety, opportunities for stress reduction, and self-worth among employees
  • Improve Employee Career/Professional Well-being:  Increase employee career satisfaction and fulfillment, and offer opportunities for professional development
  • Improve Employee Financial Well-being:  Increase opportunities to improve financial security

Accomplishments of the Committee:

- 3 weekly 15 minute walking groups
- 15 minute weekly meditation and stretching group
- Weekly breathing/relaxation exercises during morning huddle
- Announcing good news & team successes/appreciations during morning huddles and team meetings; as well as promoting the use of debriefing huddles after incidents
- Monthly newsletter with updates and ideas to promote social/emotional/physical well-being
- Raffle Massage day for employees
- Posters designed to encourage employees to take the stairs
- Sponsored a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition throughout the Department
- Team building activities

Future Plans of the Committee:
- ‘Staff Well-Being Corners’ that promote different relaxation techniques
- Staff retreats to promote team building
- A discount for Department employees to join the new local gym, Retro Fitness

Employees interested in learning more about serving on the Employee Well-being committee should contact: 

Sharon Bilsky -

Talia Trachtman -

Jacelyne Bonilla –