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Health First Intensive Wellness Program

    The Health First Intensive Wellness Program is designed to focus on individuals with a variety of health issues including chronic diseases. On a day to day basis the program works to contact patients who have recently visited the Emergency Room or have been admitted to Inpatient Services.  Contact is made to ensure proper follow-up as well as remind patients of the importance of following their regiment. In addition, the program outreaches to patients that have not received care within three months. If a patient cannot be reached by phone, a Community Health Worker is charged with finding a way to reestablish the patient’s participation in the program. The Health First Intensive Wellness program uses a multi-disciplinary approach where administrative staff, CHWs, Social Workers and Medical Providers work together to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care.  The program is another example of Bronx Lebanon Family Medicine doing all it can to carry out our patient centered mission.