Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN)

posted Jan 21, 2014, 1:27 PM by Blh Webber   [ updated Jan 21, 2014, 1:36 PM ]

On Wednesday August 17th the Bronx Lebanon Attending Physicians and Residents from the Department of Family Medicine were visited by the Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN).  We were introduced to the various writing methods for FPIN which include the following:

Clinically relevant topic reviews incorporating the best evidence

  • Comprehensive reviews in bullet point outlines
  • Published in PEPID and EBP
  • Project can be completed in 10 weeks
  • A great way to engage students in Family Medicine while earning a publication
  • Teaches how to identify and search quality resources

 HDAs (Help Desk Answers)
Concise Answers to Physician’s clinical questions

  • Structured literature searching and grading of evidence
  • Specific outlined format of instructions to follow
  • Reinforces the Evidence based Medicine concepts
  • Peer reviewed manuscript printed in EBP
  • Project can be completed in 16 weeks

 Clinical Inquiries
Rigorous writing project for faculty with protected time

  • Comprehensive answers to clinical questions
  • Projects published in JFP, AFP, and EBP
  •  Learn to critically evaluate literature
  • Physicians, Librarians, and Editors work together to publish
  • Great for faculty wanting indexed publications for tenure

 PURE (Priority Updates from the Research Literature)
Keeps up with literature and Publishes practice changing updates

·        PURLs identify and publish all new research that leads to a recommendation to change primary care practice

·        The change in practice must be relevant, valid, practice changing, applicable to medical care, and immediately implementable

·        Published in JFP and EBP

 Our Attending Physicians and Residents worked as teams and embarked on completing an eMedRef.  The half day workshop proved to be quite successful with everyone gaining greater expertise and knowledge regarding research, literary searches and write ups.  We will complete our write ups on September 27th.  We look forward to continued success in this area.