Volunteer Patient Satisfaction Navigator Program

posted Jan 22, 2014, 8:38 AM by Blh Webber   [ updated Jan 22, 2014, 8:38 AM ]

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Launches Patient Satisfaction Navigator Volunteer Program

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center is pleased to announce it has received a $25,000 grant from the United Hospital Fund for Promoting Voluntarism. Bronx Lebanon will use these funds to support a Patient Satisfaction Navigator Volunteer Program on the Family Medicine Inpatient Service

Bronx-Lebanon has developed a robust Patient Navigator program, part of which operates on the Family Medicine Inpatient Service.  Patient Navigators serve as patient advocates in the hospital, with a focus on ensuring safe discharges. Navigators discuss diagnoses, medications, and discharge instructions with patients, reporting any issues/concerns back to the medical team, and also assist patients in setting up a post-discharge appointment with their primary care physician.

Up to 30 volunteers will be recruited for the program over the course of the year, with volunteers required to make a commitment of at least 4 months. Volunteers will serve as extenders for the Patient Navigators in ensuring a safe discharge, but will also focus on comfort and patient satisfaction. The project will be led by Dr. Douglas Reich, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, with the goal of serving 850 patients. Patient satisfaction surveys will be used to monitor the success of the program. Bronx-Lebanon anticipates that program volunteers could be a source of candidates for its Patient Navigator Program.  If this program is successful, Bronx-Lebanon will spread the program to other departments within the hospital.  

The United Hospital Fund is a nonprofit health services research and philanthropic organization whose primary mission is to shape positive change in health care for the people of New York. The Fund advances policies and support programs that promote high-quality, patient-centered health care services that are accessible to all.